5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Electric Car

Sales of electric cars have shot up extensively in recent years. With consumers becoming more and more conscious about their impact on the planet, as well as the UK government’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars coming into force in 2030, there are a variety of reasons why electric cars are surging in popularity.   

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that electric car hire has also become more commonplace, too. Hiring a car always comes with a whole host of advantages, whether you require it for a holiday or just a short trip. 

Electric cars come with a number of other great advantages, and the team at Gatwick Car & Van Rental has put together a handy list of reasons why you should consider hiring one. 


Better for the environment

Undoubtedly, the core advantage of hiring an electric car is that it’s far better for the environment than petrol or diesel options. Fully electric cars release zero emissions, so are a fantastic way to reduce your trip’s carbon footprint. Even hybrid options are more environmentally friendly than fuel alternatives, so if you’re the type of person who is looking to be greener, an electric vehicle is the perfect hire car for you.    


Avoid large fuel costs

The UK is currently in the midst of a cost of living crisis, with prices on everything from energy to food increasing at an unprecedented rate. One of the biggest amenities that has jumped in cost is fuel. In fact, both petrol and diesel hit record highs earlier in 2022, with a full tank for an average family car reaching highs of £100 in some fuel stations. 

One of the main reasons for these increases is down to the cost of crude oil spiking as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With many people looking at cost-cutting measures to deal with the price rises, hiring an electric car is a great way to pay less. This is especially the case if you require car hire for a longer period of time, as refuelling the vehicle with petrol or diesel will have a bigger impact on your wallet. 


Restriction-free driving in cities 

More and more cities in Europe are carving out low emission zones in order to combat pollution from vehicles. Many fuel cars will have to pay a fee to enter these zones, whereas electric cars can access them for free. 

While London has had a low emission zone in place for many years, 2022 has seen even more British cities announce plans for similar zones. This includes the likes of Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Oxford and many more. Avoiding costly fees by hiring an electric vehicle is a great way to keep more money in your pocket for your trip.   


Make the most of free parking 

Most people who have hired a car do so when going on a holiday or trip away from home. Typically, this will then involve visiting public places, tourist attractions and other leisure venues. Inevitably, parking fees will apply at these destinations, but many places allow free parking for electric vehicles. 

While it’s not the case everywhere, you’re more likely to find deals on parking if you’re in an electric car with free charging facilities also frequently available.    


A smoother driving experience

Electric cars are quieter, offer a more modern design and, usually, come with a wide range of gadgets and technology to enhance the driving experience. This means that when you hire an electric car, you’ll be better equipped. 

If you’re looking to hire an electric car for your next trip, Gatwick Car & Van Rental is here to help. Our team supplies a whole host of electric vehicles which are suitable for the needs of all customers. Whether you require a family vehicle or a smaller car, you can be sure that we have something for you. Located in Crawley, contact us today to find out more.