When Is a Good Time to Rent a Car?

small silver car

From enhancing your safety on long journeys to giving you additional freedom when out on the roads, rental cars provide a whole host of benefits to those using them.  There are many scenarios where rental cars are suitable, and in this article, the team here at Gatwick Car & Van Rental will take a closer […]

Gatwick Airport Runway 2

  Gatwick airport run the world’s most efficient single runway substructure, offering a systematic approach to commercial flights. Due to this efficiency, it has fast become one of the most favoured airports for passengers around the UK, meaning that demand has grown significantly and is in danger of outweighing the available flights at Gatwick. This […]

Residents against Gatwick’s potential second runway

Residents against Gatwick’s potential second runway Gatwick, one of the largest airports in the country, have made proposals to expand their service even further, with plans to build a second runway currently in discussion. Set in Horley, this airport’s plans have generated a lot of controversy amongst residents of the nearby town who, according to […]

State of the Worldwide Car Rental Market, 2014

The global car rental market is continuing to grow and is predicted to continue to do so for the rest of 2014. The North American market is still the largest in the world closely followed by that of Europe. However, it is in the world’s developing economies that we have seen the largest revenue rise. […]

Are Changes to Driving Test Age Afoot?

It’s no secret that a large number of car accidents are caused by young drivers. In fact, according to the Department for Transport, 22% of fatalities on British roads in 2011 were the fault of a driver aged between 17 and 24 – a figure that perhaps reflects the inexperience of recently qualified or irresponsible […]

The Car Hire Procedure: Things to Think About

Car or van rental is a common practice for those on holiday and wishing to explore, or moving house and needing to shift a few heavier items. Giving you the freedom that public transport can’t provide, vehicle rental is a popular choice for many reasons. Although usually a fairly easy process, there are a few […]

Driving Abroad in a Hire Car

Looking forward to some sun and the freedom of the open road? Here are a few essentials you need to keep in mind to ensure that all your trip brings back to you is happy memories. Documentation Your hire car will be taxed and insured; that’s taken care of through the hire process. However, because […]

Car Rental in the United Kingdom

A major consideration when travelling to a foreign country is how to get about once there, and for travellers coming to the United Kingdom this is no different. Arguably the easiest way to do this is to visit one of the many car rental merchants situated in all major airports. However, a 2011 report found […]

Speeding Offences in the UK – The Figures

Every day, hundreds of motorists are caught speeding on British roads – and countless more break speed limits undetected, making it impossible to accurately calculate how many of us drive too fast on a daily basis. In fact, 63% of road users have admitted knowingly breaking the speed limit (intentionally or otherwise) in the last […]

Car Hire with Points on Licence

There are a number of driving offences that can result in endorsements, or ‘points’, ending up on your driver’s licence – a stricter deterrent than the variety of fines that are regularly handed out.   The severity of these points ranges from 3 to 11, with several different categories of offence, including ‘accident offences’, ‘careless […]