The Benefits of Short-Term Business Car Hire

Many businesses rely on regular or one-off use of company cars for their employees and clients alike. But how do you balance cost with providing an efficient, reliable and comfortable mode of transport? With many businesses unable to afford the purchase of a brand new car, short-term business car hire is an affordable and wholly convenient choice. It is also the perfect choice for a company who needs the flexibility that a long-term hire period may not be able to offer. 

In this article, we explore the key advantages of short-term car hire and how it can benefit your business. 

7 Benefits of Corporate Car Hire

Low monthly payments

Short-term car hire is the perfect way for businesses to affordably run premier company cars, without going down the expensive route of purchasing a new vehicle. Discuss your requirements and hire periods with your car hire company who will create a hire plan to suit your needs. At the end of each hire period, the car is taken back and you can then start the process again when required – giving you access to a high quality ‘as-you-need-it’ car without the expense of purchasing and maintaining your own car. This leaves your business with a healthier cash flow while still benefiting from access to reliable company cars. 

Claim back VAT 

Depending on your hire period (below one month), you may be able to claim back 50% of the VAT on the hire costs for short-term hire, giving it further strength as a money-saving option when compared to purchase or long-term leasing. 

Enjoy new vehicles 

New and premium cars are available in many rental programmes, allowing your employees and clients to enjoy the very highest quality vehicles at an affordable price. This gives them access to the best standards of reliability, safety and fuel economy. This high standard of car may not have been obtainable if, for example, purchasing a company car due to budget constraints. 

Wide range of choice 

Going down the route of car purchase can leave you restricted by the makes and models you can afford. Opting for short-term hire instead allows you to choose from a broad range of makes, models and car brands to suit your company needs, or to convey a certain impression to your users. 

No maintenance or breakdown costs

A pitfall of owning your own company vehicles is often costly upkeep or repairs. Short-term rental allows you to bypass these problems, as the maintenance and breakdown cover is taken care of by the rental company – with some companies offering free breakdown cover during the rental period. 

Avoid lease termination costs 

Long-term leasing agreements, such as ones stretching over a year or more, may come with termination costs. This is fine if you know that you won’t terminate early, but many businesses need more flexibility than this, which short-term hire plans certainly grant. 

The rental agreement is tailored to you

Hire companies, such as Gatwick Car & Van Rental, will create bespoke rental agreements for customers to suit your business needs. We provide this flexible service to help your business with managing travel efficiency, reliability and costs. Thanks to our extensive fleet of cars, minibuses and tipper trucks, you can source the right commercial vehicles to suit your company needs. 

Here at Gatwick Car & Van Rental, we offer a broad range of new manual and automatic cars available for business car hire, including luxury options. Businesses can choose from our fleet of over 300 vehicles – none are older than 12 months, ensuring the highest quality vehicles for your business needs. All cars come with unlimited mileage and free breakdown cover as standard. To discuss your options, please contact our friendly team today.