When Is a Good Time to Rent a Car?

From enhancing your safety on long journeys to giving you additional freedom when out on the roads, rental cars provide a whole host of benefits to those using them. 

There are many scenarios where rental cars are suitable, and in this article, the team here at Gatwick Car & Van Rental will take a closer look at the best times to rent a car.  

Live in a city 

These days, most cities in the UK have excellent public transport services. From trains to buses and sometimes even trams, if you’re someone that lives in or close to a city centre, it’s unlikely that you’ll need a car of your own in your day-to-day life. 

This is particularly true for people who also work in close proximity to where they live, and so a car is not always necessary. 

However, there may be occasions when even city dwellers require a car. For instance, if you’re heading out on a road trip or have errands to run that would be easier in a vehicle, it’s worth considering renting a car.

Car rental is ideal for these short-term journeys, as their flexibility means you can get a vehicle as and when you need it. This is also likely to be cheaper and more affordable than owning a car full time.    

Going on holiday 

Perhaps the best time to rent a car is when you’re on holiday. 

Renting a car when on holiday offers you greater freedom when it comes to exploring your holiday destination, allowing you to head further afield than would otherwise be possible. 

Many rental companies allow customers to pick up their vehicle directly from the airport, meaning you can hop off your flight and straight into a car to start your holiday. At Gatwick Car & Van Rental, we do exactly that, offering people rental vehicles at Gatwick Airport’s terminals. 

Business trips 

If you’re travelling to a business meeting or to see a client out of town, you may consider hiring a rental car. As well as providing you with easy transportation which means you don’t have to rely on public transport, rental companies often have a portfolio of vehicles to choose from, meaning you can opt for something that is sure to make a good impression on whoever you’re meeting with.

Running errands 

Car rental companies are extremely flexible, with some even allowing customers to rent vehicles by the hour. This means that they can be a great choice when running errands if you don’t have access to a car yourself. 

For example, you may consider renting a car if you’re planning a particularly large grocery shop and don’t want to have to lug it all back on public transport. Or, if you’ve purchased a large or bulky item such as a television, mattress or kitchen appliance, it might be cheaper to rent a car than pay for delivery. 

Plus, if you’re moving house or helping a friend to move, sometimes you won’t require specialised moving vehicles. Depending on how many belongings you’re moving, a rental car or van could do the trick.  

Special occasions 

Another good time to rent a car is when travelling for a special occasion or trip. Maybe you’re attending a weekend getaway with a loved one, a birthday party in a different city or even going to a wedding.

Hiring a rental car is a great way to get to these types of events, meaning you don’t have to rely on your own vehicle and providing you with a quality transport option if you don’t own a car. 

At Gatwick Car & Van Rental, we have a fleet of more than 300 leading rental vehicles that are available for all your needs. With so many options available, our team will discuss your requirements with you before providing you with a vehicle that is most suitable. This includes car hire, van hire, minibus hire, electric vehicle hire and much more. Operating in Gatwick, Crawley and the surrounding areas of London, contact our team today to find out more.