Buying and running an electric car in 2015

The electric car; an exciting piece of innovation the motor industry has bore witness to in recent times. With at least 100 miles available to the cars running on electric power alone, the machines can be charged at charging points, either at owners’ homes or around your town or city. In fact, today there are 3,000 places around the UK where the cars can be plugged in to charge.


The electric car was predicted to proliferate at its outset around the year 2011, though has taken a little longer to catch on. Today in 2015, though, these vehicles are taking the motor industry by storm, with the aforementioned 3,000 charging ports around the UK as well as the 27 models to choose from; a huge step up from the initial six that were available.


Subsidies and lower road tax

Though their production was generously ‘propped up’ by government subsidies to begin with, the vehicles have held their own in the motoring market. The subsidies came from the government’s ever-increasing efforts to pursue environmentally beneficial initiatives, which has also lead to road tax for electric car drivers being at an exceptionally low 5% as oppose to the 35% taxation polluting cars are subject to.


These subsidies taxes remain, which provides an additional incentive for potential buyers even though the vehicles are popular enough to sell themselves, creating this growth in their purchase and – as a result – continual and raised levels of production.


Since the solution is being made cheaper and more accessible on account of these initiatives taken by the government, the electric car – once a figment of our imagination – is now becoming more and more commonplace both in the UK’s motor industry and on our roads. Industry experts believe that even without these incentives, though, the cars will continue to sell.


Considering going electric


Though this invention has proved extremely popular and successful, there remain concerns about some of its features. Whilst most of the initial problems experienced with these cars have been ‘ironed out’, drivers’ anxiety about their cars running out of charge mid-journey are a continuing concern.

In this instance, hybrid cars are a successful solution, running on the electric power available to them until it runs out before switching to their fuel-driven engine to complete the remainder of their journey. It is only with further advances in the configuration and creation of these vehicles that this and other problems can be completely eradicated, and the electric car made even more successful and appealing to the UK as a nation of drivers.


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