When Is a Good Time to Rent a Car?

small silver car

From enhancing your safety on long journeys to giving you additional freedom when out on the roads, rental cars provide a whole host of benefits to those using them.  There are many scenarios where rental cars are suitable, and in this article, the team here at Gatwick Car & Van Rental will take a closer […]

What Are The Requirements for Hiring a Vehicle?

With the COVID-19 pandemic doing its best to disrupt our lives over the last two years, for many of us holidaying abroad has become a thing of the past. While the world has opened up a little more in 2021 compared to last year, many people stuck with staycations are making the choice to explore […]

Everything You Need To Know About Car Hire

Whether your car is out of action and you need a temporary vehicle or are on the lookout for a motor to use while on holiday, car hire is a popular way to get around.   Here at Gatwick Car & Van Rental, our team regularly receives calls from people wanting to find out more about […]