Safe Car Rental

As an essential part of our day-to-day, we typically need transport to get us to and from work and shops, to move homes and get around when on holiday. So with COVID on everyone’s mind and with more and more people concerned about safety, we’re here to put your mind at ease when it comes […]

New car releases for 2018

It’s set to be a bumper year for new cars in 2018. From rehashes of old favourites to completely new models made by obscure manufacturers, we’re excited to see the developments and missteps that are sure to be made in the automotive industry this year. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites! Hatchbacks […]

The future of electric cars

  Gatwick Car & Van Rental strive to be knowledgeable on the latest trends and advancements within our industry. The growing interest in electric cars is picking up momentum at an astounding rate, and the future of these environmentally friendly vehicles is something that could impact, and indeed expand, our current fleet of 300 cars. […]

What insurance do I need when hiring a car?

With the hiring of cars and other vehicles becoming increasingly popular, it is important to know the ins and outs of the necessary insurance required for the act of hiring a car. Hiring out high grade, brand new vehicles to complete strangers is something which car rental franchises have to be exceedingly careful about. For […]

Buying and running an electric car in 2015

The electric car; an exciting piece of innovation the motor industry has bore witness to in recent times. With at least 100 miles available to the cars running on electric power alone, the machines can be charged at charging points, either at owners’ homes or around your town or city. In fact, today there are […]

Driverless car review launched by UK government

With the UK government pushing for the country to become a world leader in driverless technology in the automotive industry comes the need to make alterations both to road regulations and car maintenance checks. These autonomous cars will provide an innovative new approach to travel, but with such novel ideas comes the need for revised […]

The end of the UK paper driving licence

First introduced nearly twenty years ago, the paper counterpart driving licence is to be abolished from 8th June 2015. Although valid until the driver’s 70th birthday, unlike the photocard licence which must be renewed at least every ten years, the counterpart licence, which displays driving entitlements and endorsements, is being replaced by a central online […]