Driverless car review launched by UK government

With the UK government pushing for the country to become a world leader in driverless technology in the automotive industry comes the need to make alterations both to road regulations and car maintenance checks.

These autonomous cars will provide an innovative new approach to travel, but with such novel ideas comes the need for revised safety measures. The review comes as these self-drive pods begin to be tested in Milton Keynes and Coventry, and will involve the following:

  • A rewrite of the Highway Code
  • Adjustments to MOT test guidelines
  • A revised look at who would be responsible in the event of a collision


What is being reviewed?

Though the introduction of these vehicles to our roads may be a long way off, the general public and indeed government bodies and emergency services will require the peace of mind and assurance that the pods are fully safe and functional before being comfortable allowing them on our roads. The concept of driverless cars is something which, to a society where no such technology exists, could be viewed as baffling and even slightly alarming. For this reason, it is important that all the relevant safety considerations are addressed in the comprehensive review of the technology.


It is with these necessary considerations that the government are promising the aforementioned full review of current legislation by the summer of 2017; a promise they are hoping to keep due to the wealth of benefits this technology could bring to the automotive industry in our country.


Transport Minister Claire Perry stated that this driverless technology “has the potential to be a real game-change on the UKs roads, altering the face of motoring in the most fundamental of ways and delivering major benefits for road safety, social inclusion, emissions and congestion”. These benefits, though notable, come at a cost, with the UK government providing a substantial £19m to launch these driverless car schemes in four UK locations.


With such innovation on our horizon, it is an immensely exciting time for the automotive industry within the UK. Indeed, the modernisation of the industry and the introduction of such impressive technologies begs the question: where will the industry take road-users next?


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