Safe Car Rental

As an essential part of our day-to-day, we typically need transport to get us to and from work and shops, to move homes and get around when on holiday. So with COVID on everyone’s mind and with more and more people concerned about safety, we’re here to put your mind at ease when it comes to COVID-safe travel. If you’re concerned about getting public transport, why not consider car rental instead? With increased safety measures and cleaning procedures in place, individual car hire could be the answer to your transportation concerns.

woman with face mask at airport

The importance of staying safe whilst travelling

First thing’s first, limit your contact with people – if it’s not necessary, don’t take the risk. Travelling by car is a much better mode of transport than hopping on public transport during this global pandemic. Imagine how many people have got on and off a bus, and at each stop – it’s virtually impossible to ensure a thorough clean between each person getting on and off – which is why it’s recommended to drive alone where possible.

Safety of opting for individual car hire rather than getting public transport

Whilst isolated travel by car on your own is safer, it isn’t completely risk-free, there are some things you must do to ensure you minimise these risks. This includes wearing a mask in shops, using hand gel before entering the car and disinfecting your car after use.

If you do have to travel with passengers in the car, ensure they’re not sick first and make sure they use hand gel before entering too. If possible, keep a window down in the car to ensure good ventilation too.

Opting for an individual car hire rather than jumping aboard public transport means you can monitor who gets in and out of the car. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the risks are low, and the space around you, clean.

Ways to ensure hire car cleanliness

  • Carry hand sanitiser – use before entering the car
  • Disinfect surfaces – use isopropyl alcohol, not hydrogen peroxide or bleach when cleaning the car’s interior and exterior, as these can cause damages to the vehicle
  • Wear masks – when entering shops, cafés and restaurants

man with hand sanitiser

How car hire companies are providing COVID-safe cars

To ensure COVID-safe hire cars companies will be paying extra attention when it comes to sterilising: the steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake, elbow rests, buttons on the steering column (indicators, window wipers, etc), radio, door frames and boot. Your hire car will be ready in pristine condition, and in turn, we hope that our customer’s too, will take every precaution to ensure we combat the virus.

For more information about hiring a car during COVID – get in touch with Gatwick Car & Van Rental, we’re here to offer award-winning customer service.